TMJ Treatment

Do you suffer from chronic pain including headaches, migraines, soreness in your jaw, painful chewing, a ringing in the ears, hands that frequently go numb, poor posture, or sore neck and shoulders? If you are tired of living with this pain and want to eliminate it, you may be looking for TMJ treatment. Our treatment is called Neuromuscular Dentistry and it can be life-changing.

Neuromuscular Dentistry evaluates and treats your overall oral health by keeping in mind how your muscles, teeth, and joints all work together. Neuromuscular dentistry takes into consideration the status of the muscles and joints when evaluating your bite (occlusion) – giving additional insight to occlusal analysis.

A misaligned bite often leads to muscles that are overworked when they should be relaxed, leading to various painful conditions. These conditions can lead to a variety of problems including a less than ideal bite, muscle pain or dysfunction, or jaw problems.

Dr. Thiessen will establish a jaw position based on a harmonious relationship between the teeth, muscles, and jaw joint. This position is determined using high-tech computerized programs, signs and symptoms, and Dr. Thiessen’s knowledge in Neuromuscular Dentistry. The resulting position is called the neuromuscular bite. This bite can be the beginning of living pain-free. A truly healthy and comfortable smile begins with a physiologically sound bite.

Applications of Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dr. Thiessen’s understanding of neuromuscular dentistry takes every treatment to new heights. He takes your airway, nerves, ligaments, and full anatomy into consideration during any dental procedure.

Once diagnosed with malocclusion, a treatment plan will be conducted to correct your bite. Service options will be discussed and then treatment will proceed accordingly. Treatment plans will vary but will consist of one or more of the following.

Dental Restorations

Dental restorations consist of placing crowns, bridges, and veneers on your teeth to reposition your bite to the new neuromuscular bite. This may or may not include a full mouth rehabilitation where every tooth in your mouth is restored to correct your bite.


An orthotic is an appliance that is fitted over your teeth. This appliance is used to align the jaw to the correct neuromuscular position.


Coronoplasy involves removing interferences in your bite that deflect the jaw as it closes. This involves reshaping the teeth in order for the teeth to come together in the optimal position.


Neuromuscular orthodontics involves placing braces on your teeth in order to move your teeth into the most optimal position. Dr. Thiessen uses the same concepts to straighten teeth that are used with traditional orthodontics but also places the teeth in the position that is most optimal for the joints and muscles.

Live Pain-Free and with a Beautiful Smile

Once treatment is complete and the pain is gone, you will feel healthier and will have a more attractive smile to greet each new day with. Instead of living with headaches and pain you will enjoy each day to the fullest. You deserve it! Contact us at Healthy Smiles Dental today.